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Hard clutch and brake pedal

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Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem I have a o5 with stage 2 tuning and a 2.9 pulley on the super charger and when I accelerate hard. My clutch pedal and brake pedal become rock hard and it's hard to shift for a little bit any one have any ideas what it is thanks for any help
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The clutch peddle has a détente where the clutch rod contacts it. Over time the rod wears a hole into the peddle bracket causing the shifting to be harder also. This happened to my son Ion3. I replaced the clutch peddle assembly and the clutch master cylinder on the firewall in the engine bay.
Matthew W.
I copied and pasted this from ZZP which sells the clutch pedal assembly. They also advise changing the clutch master cylinder that is on the firewall.
My clutch now feels new again. My previous pedal was pretty worn out where the master cylinder rod makes contact. Very cheap and poor design by GM making these out of plastic. I put some grease in the new one to hopefully make it last longer. My car is only at 70,000 miles so kind of dumb the pedal would already need replacement but glad I did. Install is a simple process but getting the assembly in and out is a nightmare due to limited space. As for ZZP I love them and will always get all my parts through them.

I have no knowledge about clutch maintenance or repairs. How much should the pedal "go down" before it functions/engages. On mine it seems to have increased over time. Is there a point that if it goes to much it will stop working?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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