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Has Anybody Seen A Blk Red Line Racing Down Hwy 19 ?

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I was curious if any one has seen this car being driven by a 20 yr old, followed by a red Honda Chase car w/a young blonde by the name of Sarah with a Camcorder in her hand as she was hanging out the window video tapping the Red Line. If you see this young man please notify me ASAP. He Look's alot like my #2 Son.....but that couldnt be.........could it?


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*rasies hand
OMG Barry! That's the Funniest thing I've heard all day! Thanks! I needed that!! :D
All the excitement always happens in the sunshine state... :mad:
wish he would call me so i can make him look foolish when I outrun him every time.
That's absolutely priceless...
A dad with a good sense of humor, that's classic...

The sad thing is.... hes not
and now we all know why hes the one with no tread left.
BARRY: Could you please adopt me? :eek: I'm potty trained and everything!! :D
Catshreds said:
BARRY: Could you please adopt me? :eek: I'm potty trained and everything!! :D
Sorry, I have 1st dibs! :D Just waitin for a spot to open up. Looks like one just did! LOL!

*starts packin his stuff to move into the Smiffy house*
FINE!!! :mad: Mom always liked you better anyways! :rolleyes:
Ill be gone in 55 days so the ebay bids will start at $50 for my spot. :D Im gonna race an F-16!! :cool: hehe
Screw you guys Im movin in. Scoot you can borrow the extra car but I call first dibs I already live 1 mile away I could carry my stuff over there. And tell you bro the best place I fount to use that toy is the road between your wally mart and the sams club. The long one that passes end with the gas station. That is flat and straight. Tell me when you guys wanna go up there Ill come and spectate. Hopefully a sunday, monday or tuesday night.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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