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Header kits

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If anyone is handy with a welder these kits are top quality. All i think would have to be done is for you to make a flange and that would be the hard part
or you could order this option, """EXTRAS: Header Flanges are 1/4" thick. To receive 5/16" thick header flanges in kit, ADD $16.00 to cost of header kit. To receive 3/8" thick header flanges in kit, ADD $24.00 to cost of header kit."""
If i had a redline i would try it out, a 4 cylinder car would be so easy to make them for, one at a time that is, but then it would also need to be coated, unless you got a SS system. just letting ya'll know about other options. later Jay
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have you seen how short of a header we need to fit in the position to retain the cat. I have used these kits on v8s and some hondas where I can make a full length header/turbo header. On this car the spaces are so small to work in.
you can get the flange from GM performance parts
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