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2004 Saturn Ion Redline
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Well instead of starting another thread I'd just update everyone once again on my progress with my Redlines

The Ion has been kinda dormant for now since the last time I ran her I was having problems keeping the engine going and she was misfiring and smoking wild. I'm pretty sure the laminova cores are leaking and I need to replace the o rings. Long story short I wanted to clean the engine out so I took her down a straight road in my neighborhood and cleaned her out, only to get someone right behind me who followed me to a stop and yelled at me for driving so fast. I replied back unless he was a police officer to mind his own business and took off. He took a video of my car and I took her home, she's been under my cover ever since

I have been working on my Vue Redline though and she has come a long way since the pics above were posted
New struts
New control arms
New sway bar links
New sway bar bushings
Changed transmission fluid 3x
New motor mount
New headlights
New transmission mounts
Repainted center console

I removed the paint from the tail lights and wheels to get more stock look.

Then the day came when it was raining and discovered a lake on the passenger side floor 😕. Took the headliner down and found the drain pipe totally detached. I hot glued everything back in place which worked for 2 weeks and started leaking again in the car wash.

This time I got some hose extension and a splice and connected it all back together and clamped them down with hose clamps

The factory tubes shrunk over time and no longer were reaching the drain. Hopefully it stays this time

All in all this Vue has alot of balls for a v6 Honda engine and I'm enjoying daily driving her

As of right now I'm dealing with a key issue. It's a common issue on the Vues with the key being worn out and it basically destroys the tumblers inside the ignition cylinder. I have to work the key around to get the engine started. I already know I'm looking at replacing the cylinder and key just haven't gotten to it yet.

I'm also dealing with the BCM dying on me. Driving the gauges will work fine then all the sudden they go dead (even the tach), every light will light up and the door ajar chime goes off for like 10 seconds. Only way to fix hat is to have GM flash a new BCM for my car which is 3-500 dollars. Not sure what I'm gonna do there. I'm exploring my options thinking about a junkyard BCM but not sure if it's possible yet


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