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Hi, I'm Bliss, I'm new to the forums and I just bought this car. It's an '04 Saturn Ion with turbo kit. I live in Easton, PA and I bought it from a local car dealership. I am a service writer at a Auto repair shop and one of my mechanic's told me that his brother, who works at this dealership, had an already modded Saturn Ion that they couldnt sell at auction(the bid's weren't going any higher than $8500.) Because I was in the market for a decent daily driver, something with a little kick, as soon as I layed eyes on it I knew I had to have it. The turbo, the crazy system, show worthy body...

The previous owner had been on here before for some of the problems I am having. the original thread was...[[[]]]] After going over the car, I realized that the only room for definite improvement was with the wiring, for the MAF sensor in particular and that I needed to get rid of the blackbox, its a piece of crap. My boyfriend, who owns an '06 Cobalt SS that puts down some seriously insane numbers, has HP tuners for his car. So, it seemed like the perfect fit. Gotta love Ecotec! My boyfriend and I realized that this car had been built for bigger and better things, but we didnt know the history. Of course, the first place we look... Car Domain. And there she was... It gave us some info on what had been done to the car and who had done it. The thing is, the car has all the ingredients to be an amazing, show worthy, quick as hell daily driver. But the quality(or lack there of..) of work done in the installation of the turbo kit, and the knowledge that needed to be behind it, wasnt there.
I give props to the guy who had it before me, he definitely tried like hell to fix it. And he must have done something right, because the car doesnt have all the serious symptoms it had with him. He had starting issues, dying while driving issues, serious bogging and bucking... Well, fortunately for me, the only thing I'm dealing with is slight bogging and bucking. The worst is in 1st gear at low RPMs. It wont go anywhere even with the gas to the floor, then it slowly comes out of it and then the rest of the time its fine, with an occasional hiccup at lower RPMs. If I bring my RPMs to about 2 1/2 to 3 grand, and then let the clutch out, she fine... Smooth as a baby's behind.
The real reason I'm here is because I want to see if anyone else is experiencing these problems.
Its been like 3-4 years since the car was treated properly, and who knows it may have been longer. When it was at my dealership, they were putting 89 gas in it, doing cold starts and then romping on it, not letting it warm up or cool down for that matter. And I imagine that if the dealership before mine didnt even have the knowledge to put the turbo kit in correctly, they probably did all of those things too. Since I have had it, it definitely has improved by alot. It doesnt have a turbo timer, boost guage or an air fuel guage... I'm getting those immediately, dont worry.
I have mechanics, parts, and money at my disposal... This car was a steal for what it has into it, it just needs some TLC. Anyone who can suggest anything, give me any background info, or help me with trying to make this a Saturn you guys would be proud of... let me know. I also need wiring diagrams really badly...
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