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Hey new here

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I've been checking messages on here for a few days now and figured I would register. A little over a week ago I bought an 04 Ion Redline. Its silver with aero spoiler, sunroof, 6 disc changer, advanced audio system and tinted windows. I traded in my yellow 01 SC2. It took everything I had to turn over the keys because I loved that car so much. It had 108,500 miles on it and never had a major problem other than regular maintenance. I do love my Redline though and plan to do a few mods to it just to get out a few more hp. I installed Silverstar headlights which are a little better. I cant wait for that first oil change so I can really drive the car.
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Welcome. Enjoy your new car. They are sweet. :)
Welcome. Any pics? never seen the silver one with my spoiler :p
welcome, if you are interested in an intake, or headers check out the threads in the other forum. it's good to hear you won't be beating on it until at least the first oil change, either way, enjoy the ride!
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