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Hi6 DI² Crane Ignition + Dual channel trigger

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Brand new Crane Ignition Hi6 Di² CD. This one we have had for a while now but Does not work correctly on the SRT-4 as of yet but crane is working on it.
We waited for awhile to see but news today is forcing the sale.

Paid $465.99

will sell for $400 shipped.

Also have a seperate dual channel trigger available for $150 shipped. (black Box). perfect for DIS ignition cars.

This is the Red in colors box with trigger. Plug n play. \
(Neon 1995-2000)(Mitsibishi cars)(Saturns)

"ANY DIS ignition retard piggyback computer for Neon's and DSM's will work for Saturn with a little hot wire technique"

HI-6DI2 CD Ignition for Distributorless Engines:

• HI-6DI2 designed for distributorless 4 cylinder ignitions

• Built in two stage rev limiting can be set via rotary switches in 100 RPM increments from 600-9,900 RPM. No Chips!

• Fully sealed with soft urethane to protect against vibration, dirt and moisture

• Fully digital, CD ignition with multi-spark

• Tach check accuracy built in!

• NEW! Easy Checking for System Problems! No guessing! Built-in flashing codes tell what the problem is. Checks coil, ground, power supply, loose or broken wires and the ignition unit itself!

• Module triggered, easy installation with “Plug-n-Go” harness.

• Perfect for nitrous, turbo vehicles with optional 0-20°adjustable timing retard and MAP sensor. See here for options.

• Exclusive cross fire protection for supercharged or turbo applications

• Sequential rev limiting stops harmful “popping and banging” at limit

• Multi spark generates up to 12 powerful sparks per cylinder firing.


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bump, for this item
NIVO88T said:
bump, for this item
I don't even know what this is but it sounds cool. PLease enlighten me.
shaneathan said:
I don't even know what this is but it sounds cool. PLease enlighten me.
It is an ignition box for a hotter spark and also has a 2 step rev limiter to help in launches and/or burn outs.

You can have a wider gap in a highly boosted car.

basically a mod for the serious enthusiast who is going the extra mile.
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