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How miles were on your RL when you got it?

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I got the last 04 RL they had, and it had 198 miles on it. I guess it's kind of understandible because everyone wanted to drive it, but did they have to let them?? They had a few 05's but they didn't have the amazing rebates.
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My RL was still on the showroom floor (I test drove a different one in September) when I purchased it on 12/10/04. It had 27 miles on it when I pulled out of the lot. Now there is about 3400 on it. I have a long drive to work and back.
Took delivery 9/9 and she had 61 miles on her now at around 2800.

Mine had 3 miles on her on october 31 2004 the night I took delivery. She now has 4853. Can't wait till she has 204,853. OOOOhhhhh the story's I will be able to tell :D
296,296 today in blue.
324k on the 06 Competition pkg. Zero service records. Drives great!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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