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Im back

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Whats up guys I'm back on this page on the hunt for a RL I know it's probably a long shot but I want another one. My 2016 Focus ST just was totaled out. N I figured I can get a RL for around the 10K range. Bit to mention I kinda miss the WHINE. I was really big on these forums my Username was RON9919.
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Welcome back!
Man. You've been around longer than me. By a long shot
Im mind blown right now by some of you guys popping up
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And another one. Welcome back!
You know how it goes. Document it all! Haha
Its pretty cool to do one as a school project for class. Just an engine rebuild? Or going over the entire car?
Sweet. Sounds like a fun project! Since you're in class I assume it will be as to the book as possible. Be some valuable information
Oooo that'll make it fun. Rebuild it right from the start
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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