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I thought I'd share a few of the comments that I told Todd in my feedback on beta testing the Interceptor v1.4 for our cars that is going back to the original setup of no extra 12v lead for power up.

Snipet of e-mail:
I had the chance to make a few full throttle runs under the cover of darkness last night and was impressed with the new features. As far as the Performance feature goes, I think that it is right on the number as far as the Red Line/Cobalt is concerned. I did a run that was nearly identical to what I was doing at D-42 two weeks ago and I got a 14.57s @ 99 mph on the Interceptor and D-42 had me running 14.55s to 14.70s @ 99.xx (depending on launch & wheelspin)... so there you go. The HP feature, I would say, is spot on also. I have the shift light set to 6300 rpm and I'm getting as high as 257 at the light, that comes down to 218whp and that is what BackStreet Performance dynoed my car at.

...Finally, the MPG feature is really neat. My car on a trip always got 29.8 to 31 MPG HWY and around the area a tankful nets me around 23 to 25 mpg of combo driving. Going down I-480, it was showing that I was getting 34 mpg cruising at flat elevation and dipping to 25 or so with grade changes. Jumping on it in spirited driving conditions dumps it into the low teens or single digits <EEK>, still a really neat feature, as are the other additions.

Question: I assume that the MPG reading is based off the stock injector lb/min, if that is correct, then bigger injectors from the stage kits will throw off this number and make it inaccurate? Or does it measure fuel delivery rate in another manner, by another sensor allowing for upgrades in injector sizes? If not, can you guys custom program the number to correct for a 42.5 or 60 lb/min into the gauge?


First, I'll comment on this last paragraph of the e-mail. Todd said the calculations are actually based off the MAF sensor, so injector size shouldn't have a bearing on the MPG reading no matter which injector lb/min is being used. This is true for the other features (Horsepower and 1/4 mile performance). If you are modifying the MAF signal with any product, this will throw off the calculations and will need to be adjusted as per the instructions in the manual.

Dragway 42 was just repaved in March and is very much like racing on the street traction wise, so I feel the runs last night were very comparable to the strip runs I had 2 weeks ago. I launched at just under 2000 rpm and nailed it when I hooked up - tires broke loose again and I rode it out, spun wheels in 2nd gear pretty good and took it to the rev limit in 3rd gear. This was almost a dead ringer of a run that I did at the strip, here are some numbers:
.......................................60'..........1/8th mile............1/4 mile
Interceptor run........n/a...........9.61s @ 77.00 mph......14.57s @ 99.00 mph
strip run #2............2.40s........9.64s @ 75.76 mph......14.71s @ 98.26 mph
strip run #3............2.44s........9.64s @ 76.38 mph......14.66s @ 99.30 mph
strip run #6............2.42s........9.67s @ 76.38 mph......14.70s @ 99.09 mph

For those who had questions about the numbers that the interceptor was giving out (as far as accuracy goes) I hope this helps out a bit. Todd told me that they have found the gauge to read HP very precisely when tested against known dyno HP numbers of certain test cars. Wheel spin will throw off the 1/4 mile performance because the computer does not take wheel spin into consideration when computing the numbers, so apples to apples and oranges to oranges. If you wheel spin at the track and wheel spin on the street, the numbers should be REAL close and accurate. If you spin on the street and hook up at the track, there will be a slight difference, but it will be in the ball park. Todd even stated that this is no replacement for a timing system run, it's not meant to be, no in-car system is.

The guys at Aeroforcetech are first class in sales and service and we should support them as they had one of the first products that was LSJ specific. When the regular GM scan gauge didn't read correctly in our cars, they could have said, "Oh, well...", but they didn't do that. Instead they hunted up some test vehicles and had several sessions of downloading data to decipher the correct PIDs to make the Interceptor read properly in our vehicles. Then they went the EXTRA MILE for us and we got SC Inlet pressure, and IAT2 just because they were there in front of them & Todd thought it would be neat to have them included to our menu of read outs.

Finally, a personal observance/opinion. My first beta test gauge was a red/black unit. I loved it at night or low level light conditions, but hated it in direct/bright sunlight. When it came time to choose my gauges, I picked the white/black, white face, silver bezel to closely match the Red Line's cluster gauges. The white/black unit set to white background/black numbers is much easier to read in any daylight condition as opposed to the red/black unit. This is part personal preference, part fact. Just a heads up from someone who has had both styles installed in their car.

If anyone has any other questions, PM me, I'll try to answer if I know or I'll get a hold of Todd for answers.


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I have been playing with my aero gauges for going on a week now and yes they are definetly worth the high price tag. I will say that in my case the 1/4 mile and 0-60 times seem a lil further off unless the previous owner of the car had it tuned without my knowledge cuz I rattled of a [email protected] 1/4 mile with a 5.3 0-60. Car is fairly stock except cold air by K&N and B&M sts. Everyone should own this gauge or two of them like i do!
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