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Intercooler aux pump part number?

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Anyone got the part number, from either on their pump, or from the dealership?

I want to look it up in the GM SPO parts, and see if its available.

Heres the cheapest place I found it so far, but it doesnt give me a part number. coupe&year=2004&catalogid=2
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Any luck w/ that?

I want to compare it to whats available for the Grand Prix, but at $185 theres quite a few options.
Yes, you are correct, the GP doesnt come w/ an air to water IC.


But by adding one, we can drop 1" in pulley size, and run mid 12's :)

I have a pump out (new replacement) for a Sy/Ty, but want to see how it performs compared to the IRL one.

I need ~5gpm w/ ~5ft of head.

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I'd like to get the specs of the pump before buying one.

If I could find the PN I could probably find the specs.

How about a MFG's name on the pump?

A data plate?

Thanks guys.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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