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Intercooler Pump Inlet Hose.. check yours

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Hey everyone, while doing my cam sensor recall today, I was showing another tech where I had rewired the intercooler water pump. I noticed the inlet hose runs awfully close to a sharp piece of frame near the front mount. The piece of conduit protecting the hose was flipped the wrong way and after pulling it back, I noticed the fram had cut into the hose. Replacement part is coming tomorrow, not sure how I'm gonna protect the hose, there is not much flex in it. Curious if anyone has this problem.
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I will definately have to check. I will get back to you.
checked last night. my hose wasnt cut but the plastic protector wasnt between the hose and frame. It is now though:)
Another redline that came in today had the same issue. So it isn't just mine.
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