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introduce myself

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Just wanted to let everyone know , i am new to the RL forum just picked up my 2004 Silver Rl. so far i love it , traded in my 2002 Jetta 1.8t with all mods done to it. I am also part owner of, i myself designed a FMIC for the 1.8t engine which we sold on vortex and, and i recently did a FMIC for the VW TDI engine, diesel guys were wanting one, and there was only one other on the market and it is too much money. The prototype is currently on my friends gold and we are soone to be selling them. it can be seen at on the front page, there is a silver gold which has my TDI Kit, the purply/blue golf wide body has my 1.8t FMIC kit and near the mottom you will see another silver golf with my 1.8t kit. We just put the 1.8t kit through a redesign and will be selling those again shotly. We are also comming out with our own line of coils and a CAI is comming out soon. We are a small company just starting off , but have sold over 80 1.8t kits in a short time. the website has just been redone so it is pretty basic

So if anyone has any working prototypes of any parts for the redline let me know and we can take it from there, i will be doing a CAI for ourcar but not right away, as it is bloody cold in my garage.
i can get things mass produced, CAI's (aluminum, silicone carbon fiber)
headers , exhausts

I can be reached at [email protected] or on here for any questions
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