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Hey, found out about the Red Line a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. So then I started looking for info, and found these boards (and a few others).

I currently own a '97 SC2, which I've been thinking about tuning...well...forever. Was thinking that getting a RL might get that jumpstarted a little.

Anyway, that's it. Hello.

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If you can afford it, it's a better platform to start from. If not, there's some people here to talk to with some pretty fast SC's. I had a 2001 SC2 that I wanted to mod, but when I started looking at the selection, and the costs. I realized that I could get a blown Saturn coupe, with great handling stock, and still be spending less per month than the cost of buying one good solid performance piece each month.

Go test drive one if you haven't, it's a good starting point, and by the time the newness wears off, you'll have a ton of parts to choose from...
Yeah, I don't expect the affording will be a problem. Planning on going for some test drives in a couple weeks when I have some free time, maybe take along a friend that's more of a gearhead than I am.

Anyway, thanks for responding, hope to be driving one soon. :)

Test the Cobalt SS too! Let us know what the differences are...
buy it!! i had a 97 sc2 modded and i miss it like crazy.....but i love this thing a million times more.
i might as well come out .. i've been trolling on here for about as long as some of the a$$hole srt-4 guys. (some are good so not insulting you guys just the wankers with penis envy..) noticed you guys been getting alot of flack.. from well everyone.. noticed the aftermarket is finally picking up and such.. i will be in the market for a redline in a year or so (gonna get a o5 with sport package when they are bringing in the 06's)

i currently drive a 97 sl1 with a 75 shot nitrous, wai, bored tb, 2.25inch exhaust, high flow cat, 15inch rims bottl eheater, gauge, etc.. typical stuff. i whooped some moron that cant drive a redline in town.. cause i know i am ruffly 15 seconds with the nitrous and i always wanted to see what a redline could do. and i was disapointed then reading and found they are faster then what i experienced. been interested in them since.

so just wanted to say hi and i will be trolling and throwing my 2 cents here and there. might know me from TSN, and spot, and fans.
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welcome dude, but i dont think its really trolling when ur not being an ******* and u actually like our cars, haha.
well my best guess and whom i have raced and lost and won etc.. i was sappost to go the race track her up north (in sudbury ontario ) eh!.. but it rained.. so boourns to that.

my boss wants me to race him a 95 320i. 5 speed with like 190k on it.. i think i can take him.

but ya.. i've hung even, beat, agains a few cars that are apparently 14.5 to 15.5 in 1/4 mile

my most impressive kill was a 93 talon tsi awd and a 95 eclipe gts or something like that.. the other awd one. both cars are about the same. the eclips ran a 8.9 in the 1/8th mile. i was just ahead of him by a hood length if that..

then your typical fart canned z24, sunfire gt's got whooped by a modded 00+ eclipes gt raced my buddys gt mustang for shits and giggle got whipped. heh. i am planning to head o the track again this month hopefully it doenst rain but i ampretty sure i am 15 to 15.5 ish.. i'd love to be in the 14's but i doubt it.
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