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I have a 2005 non Comp Redline I recently picked up.

The PO had the ecm tuned for #60 injectors, 3" ZZP intake, 3.0 pulley, long tube headers (catless) 93 octane. I installed a ZZP 2.5 cat back with no resonator. I'm only building 9-11 psi of boost at WOT.

I've tried another blower with the same pulley, bypassing the boost solenoid, checking for boost leaks, even bypassing the actuator and I'm still getting the same boost.

Is it possible my exhaust setup is the reason my boost is low
It is definitely your exhaust. As you open the exhaust your Boost will lower. You are not losing horsepower, instead the engine is just running more efficiently. With the increase in efficiency and the #60 injectors I would drop the pulley down to a 2.8 or 2.9 . You will see some Boost increase from that. I went through the exact same thing with my 2006 and ended up running a 2.8
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