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Just got off the phone with Adam from SCdyne.....

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Real good news from Adam, guys.

He said he's gonna try and get on the forum tonight and post so I'll let him tell you guys what's up. Trust me, it's good news.

He's a real nice guy and we shot the shit for about 10 minutes about the header and intake from SCdyne and a few other things he's thinking of doing for our cars.

He's also sticking to his word of giving us all who were in the original group buy to get this project going an intake at cost (damn good price I might add). Intakes are complete BTW. That's all I'll say for now. I'll let him come on here and tell you guys the rest himself.

Sorry for the tease. :D
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Oops. Sorry.

Meant to put this in the Ion RL discussion section. :mad:
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