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Just hit 5000 miles on my 04, blue redline. I would have to say this car has been a blast to drive, since I drove it off the showfloor. I drive about 50 miles to work everyday, almost all highway, I have pushed the car over 130mph quite a few times, and it seems like the more you give it the more it wants. I am from Woodbury MN, and the cold weather does not seem to effect the performance at all. Can't wait tell summer to take this car to the track and pull a few g's around the turns. I still have not seen any other redlines on the street by me. Is there anyone that has one in my area? Here is my options so far..

04' Blue Redline -
- Compustar alarm w/remote start
- Kenwood Stealth CD Deck w/Changer
- 2 10' MTX Thunders w/ 500watt MTX amp, Cap and Streetwires kit
- duel blue LCD's for the floor and custom pedals.

plan to get the under body neon kit soon, and still looking for a place to get a mesh grill kit. :cool:
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