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K&N Cold Air Intake (Chicagoland people only)

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K&N Cold Air Intake (Chicagoland people)

Well i just talked to the shop where i bought all my parts for my other car.. and he said he can get the K&N Cold Air Intake for $239 with shipping.. i am sure he would love to take the business from anyone who is interested in the intake.. if you are interested i knowing where the shop is PM me or whatever.. the name of the shop is One6 motorsports.. they are really good guys and they are really nice..
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shaneathan said:
Who is this for? What is chicagoland?
People in the chicago area.. the shop i go to, is near me.. i live in a suburb out of chicago..
shaneathan said:
very well then. Thanks for the clarification. "Chicagoland" sounded like the name of a dealership or something.
yeah.. sorry about that.. i should have been more clear
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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