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Kill for a kill

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To quote the story written out already on another board here you go!
99SL2_Modder said:
Brand new 04 or 05 Dodge SRT-4.

Dexter and I headed out from my house just going for a drive, and then we felt like racing, just because. Spent about an hour looking, and finally in front of me, I see this car with dual exhaust, and THOUGHT I saw a dodge symbol.

"Get closer." So he did. Lo and behold, Dodge SRT-4. Brand new, just off the lot, temp in the window, just bought tonight.

Cat and moused to the light, got next to him and revved. He was staying back, so we didn't think he was gonna race. As the other lights turned yellow, he pulled up a bit and revved.

Turn signal lights go on, both cars are revvin, noise in the air, tons of people watching, clear 2 lane road ahead.

BANG! Light goes green, both RL and SRT-4 are spinning, and first out is the RL! Bam, second! SRT chirps! RL out in front and SMMMMMOOOOKKKEEEED!

SRT-4 pulls up next to us, yanks the brakes, and the dudes hop out and chinese around saying, "Nice race nice race! One more time!"

Light goes green, both cars spinning again. RL is out first AGAIN, and holding even through first with the SRT-4. Bang, second, dead even. RL shortshifts to third, misshifts and the SRT-4 blows by, heard the misshift, and after 100% victory, slowed down and flashed his 4-ways.

Next light, just talkin about having a good race, how the first guy just got the car tonight. Really down to earth guys, those 3 were. All cool about it and everything. Said our goodbyes and that was that.
Also the second driver probably knew how to shift better but if I didn't misshift it would of been a HELL of alot closer
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that's shitty man. I know I can miss 3rd from time to time. Nothing worse than that especially if you had the lead.
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