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Lambo doors

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Hey, new here, dont even drive a saturn, my girlfriend does. She wants lambo doors and I was wondering if anyone had any pics of an ion with lambo doors??
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they dont make them for our cars.
i have seen them on an ion b4 i will try to get pics
i dont know about a red line but i am going to assume that they will work the same on either car because it is the same body basically, the guy who did my boost gauge has made them for and ion so they do infact make them for our cars unless the redline is alot different for the ion 3 and i am not seeing something
will they work with a quad coupe? I dont like the style personaly becuase the door is always in the way.
I highly doubt they will work with the quad coupe because of the sucide style doors.
LoungeLizard said:
I highly doubt they will work with the quad coupe because of the sucide style doors.
That really shouldn't matter, lambos open the same they just go up. My friend with a civic (that was in the riddler class at autorama, first ever import) has them and they work just like a normal door until they have to go up. I don't know why you would want them though, i think it would look really out of place on a car with stock rear suicides. JMO later all Jay
they work with the quad coupe i have seen them on the ion 3 QC i know the guy who installed them he did my boost gauge i will call him and get pics tonight
and ta da now all u lambo door fans can ooo and aah over the glory of the lambo doors and best of all it is a bolt on kit no welding

if u were are sema u might have seen this car it was there


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that looks a hell of a lot better than some of the hondas I have seen. most the door doesnt get out of the way so you have to get out around it. I want a price NOW
i know thats what i like about them they seem to get out of the way because they go 90degrees i will have to call the guy and get a price on them he is in NY i dont know how much he will do them for or if he will just make them again and sell just the bracket but i will have to find out

does anyone know if something like that would void warranty, i am gonna go ahead and assume yes but i dont know because if it was just bolt on bolt off type thing than i dont know its hard to say
if its a bolt on Ill take a set, if I gotta drive up there no way Jose.
i will find out what i can i know that originally it is a weld on but he makes a bracket to make it weld on i can prob get him to make a couple and ship them out if i can get enough people and if anyone intrested that is in NY than thats even better, i will have to get him my car so he can make sure it works first or something like that i want them also just afraid of the price and the warranty because there is no way the dealer is not gonna notice that
i wouldnt buy them. not for a couple of years. me coming from the cavalier family, there was always someone saying how their lambo doors suck, the sway when their in the air, and the struts are likely to blow, which resulits in a door flying down. not for me.
always some one against it. The struts can fail like the ones on the front of your car or a hatchbacks. A risk for style I will take.
this guy has put the same style lambo doors on old american muscle cars and they have not had any problems, and i think the plastic doors on our Redlines weigh a little less than those cars i would not be worried at all as long as you get a good brand and dont buy the cheap ones just to have lambo doors
The ones on that are are the junk kits, they only have 1 strut. The kit we at Saturn of Spartanburg install is a GT Factory kit. It is a hightly polished stainless steel kit with 2 struts that bolt up towards the front of the car on the outer rail structure. The strut are rated at holding 300 lbs and you can stop the door at any degree angle. We have already done 1 QC and now we are doing a redline coupe with automatic lambo doors. I went to SEMA and saw that car and the kit and I would take the GT kit over anything.
still want
Names of companies?
Need some info on these doors, I like 'em.
the web page where i found the pics at is
so you cant sell them to me?
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