Hello all, I am selling a
LSJ CLUTCH UPGRADE KIT from ZZP (original price $415.99) aswell as a
ZZP ALUMINUM FLYWHEEL-2.0L F35 (original price $289.99)

I bought both of these a while ago but ended up selling my redline and getting an S2000 so I never installed them onto the car, both of these have never been used and have remained in my closet for a while now, which is why I would like to sell them and not just waste them away.
Looking for $500 for both (will not ship only local pick up or meet up somewhere in-between)

Will attach photos of all the parts as well you can see on my Instagram @nicmento_drives that I originally bought these on January 9th of 2022 and a month later got my S2000.

Thank you guys for your time.