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Ok guys, I truly have no interest in selling my redline but with my 3rd kid on the way and the fact that I just opened my own business a couple months ago I gotta see how much it might help me.
I have a 2005 Redline with 96xxx miles. Sunroof needs new drains so I have removed the carpet to prevent mold because it leaks when it rains but I still have the carpet and pads ready to go back in. It needs some love with the suspension and front brakes but for the most part the car is solid and I still drive it whenever I can. Passed a MA inspection in March of 2021.

-3.0 pulley
-ZZP S3 heat exchanger
-LS4 throttle body
-1/2” supercharger spacer
-Port and polished stock blower
-ZZP header and longtube with a 3” downpipe back exhaust
-Siemens 60# injectors
-LSD stage 3 cobalt transmission with about 40k miles
-stage 3 Apex clutch with about 40k miles
-ZZP stage 3 axles

probably more that I’m forgetting. I’ve had the car for 14 years and bought it stock. Don’t remember everything I did when I got it as that was a long time and 2 kids ago haha.

what do you guys think it’s worth?Love the car and don’t want to sell it but at a point in my life where I need to think more about my family then having my toy so I’m considering all options. Any input from the group is much appreciated and I thank you in advance.

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Last I checked they were in the 2500-5k range depending on how clean they are. Really hard to say.
It comes down to what someone is willing to pay really

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Do you have any pictures of the car?

If you have space to store it and keep it , that's what I would do.

Most probably won't see the value in our cars . All that we invest in our redlines and we are forced to give it away because of the dumb car market.
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