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Me and a Civic Si

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I was out late yesterday afternoon. I was on my way home and I pulled behind a truck and next to it on my right was a Civic Si. I can see him in his side mirror looken at my car wondering what it was. When the light turned the truck made a left and at the next light couple hundred feet ahead, we were next to eachother. He was looken at my car wondering what the hell it was LoL. His was pretty pimped out, pretty nice, dont know of any mods though. When the light turned I floored it and took off. he kept up for a lil not much, it was prettyy cool my 2nd race. :)
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Nice kill. What year SI? Was it the coupe or a new hatchback? I had a 04 SI but I sold it for the RL. Id say I traded up.
It was the newer Hatchback. It was black lowerd and had some stickers on it, LoL. I dont know of any mods it had though.
Basically the ones that look like a mini minivan? lol
What stickers he have on it?

Watch our for Civics with a Type-R sticker...that alone gives em 50 ponies.
What happened with that thing? Civic Si's were like the darlings of the sport compacts for so long, and now they go to this thing? Ive not heard one import owning/loving person say much about this car that's nice. Is it really that bad? I know the horsepower is well above a standard Civic, but what's with the idea of making it look, like TA52804 said, a mini-minivan? I hear it turns like a minivan as well...
Sp00ner said:
I hear it turns like a minivan as well...
i was under the impression that it's suspension is one of the best things about it. way overengineered.

properly tuned, it should outcorner us with ease, though we're more muscle than anything, just with the added bonus of good handling
I dont know exactly what stickers....Just some ghetto stickers :) Wasnt a TYPE-R
The handle great. My favorite part was the trany/clutch. Amd it was such a short throw that you could fly through the gears once you added some power. Its biggest downfall was its power. I couldnt compete with anything running forced induction. I had the choice of saving up and getting a turbo setup or picking up a new car and I opted for a new car. Honestly, the SI was a great car. That K20 motor was great to, it just wasnt putting out the power I wanted.
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