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I'm doing some research for a small project of mine. Would result in some pretty decent mods.

The little "Message Center" (as it says in the manual) which says things like "CRUISE" and "OMG YOU HAVE NO GAS" (well, not really but... lol)... I'm looking for a way to put my own messages up on there.

Is it just a serialized interface of some kind that I can rip from the computer somewhere? Is there any kind if wiring diagram for it?

I work well with microcontrollers and TTL devices, and I have a few things I'd like to have a way to display messages for.

I'm thinking I could, at the very least, put a microcontroller with some customer software in between the computer and the display, so that it works passively with the standard messages, but can put it's own messages up (probably a USART serial interface to another processor to get the messages from other devices of mine).

Anyone have a clue here? I'd rather not start ripping things apart if I can find the information elsewhere.


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