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I was going to get the falken azines (sp?) but spooner talked me out, then I was going to get the Nitto 555EP (like the drag radial but just a tiny bit harder with little wider rain channels) but they were sold out, so I ended up with the Michelian Pilot Sport PS2's and they rock my world. They are almost as soft as the falkens (220 treadwear), but they must be the pimpist tires I have ever driven. 2 Of the tires were in perfect balance and 2 other ones just need a .25 weights.

I now am back to chirping second again, instead of spinning through it. It rained all day yesterday, and these handled AMAZING. Today it was dry, and they were awsome. Quiet, Sticky, all weather, they are amazing. I think my only complaints are going to be their treadwear and thier cost (a little high at 160ish per tire). said:
Drawing inspiration from Formula One tire design, the new Michelin® Pilot® Sport PS2™ tire represents a quantum leap in tire design and engineering. The Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 significantly outperforms not only its predecessor, but all other Michelin high-performance summer tires as well, both in wet and dry conditions. An infusion of the most advanced tire-making technologies and techniques, from the highly guarded C3M Technology™ production process to a Formula One-inspired four-groove tread design, allows the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 to stretch the very limits of what an ultra-high performance tire can achieve.

Superb wet/dry performance
Best-in-class performance
Precise cornering and handling
This tire is designed for: Sports Car

Tread life: 6
Wet Traction: 10
Quiet Ride: 10
Handling: 10
Winter: N/A
Mud: N/A
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