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well since there is really no good muffler shops around here i took my car here to get my new borla muffler put on and see about getting my pipes increased to 2.5 and the guy was giving me a hard time about how it's not going to make my car go any faster yada yada yada he's be doing this for 18yrs and even if he can get 2.5 in there it well be so tight it well bang everytime i go over a bump just kinda irritated and he kept trying to compare my car to a hondas that he put 3in exaust on there cars. So i told him that i have a supercharger and yes it was stock then he gave me the lecture about the lack of back pressure was going to effect my o2 sensors and could make my cel come on, god i'm irratated, now i'm waiting for them to put my car up on the lift to see if they can fit the pipes and fit the new muffler
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Dude, just order the Nittos from (Discount Tires) - they're cheaper than anywhere else, and you can have Bubba at te local Exxon station mount 'em up, provided Bubba has seen a forged aluminum wheel and has a euro tire machine.

On the exhaust deal, I have a buddy who owns a metal fab shop and does 2.5" and 3" all day. Not cheap, but it's perfect, stainless, and the welds look like rows of little bitty nickels laid on their sides.

Contact me if you like - with the exception of Texas, where there's a good muffler shop on every corner, because even old dudes with Cadillacs and Suburbans get their exhaust done there, I've given up on trying to get Bubba Gump at Meineke or Midas to do anything except replace a stock muffler.
D3XXFR said:
Hey Jim, how much would he do a dual 3" for our cars? Yes I know its probably going to drop the cars power a little if I'm not mistaken but I'm pretty sure it'll sound BAAAAADDDD ASSSS specially with 2 dual tip mufflers. Just to make it looks even sweeter :) atleast thats how I see it anyway. But with the bigger exhaust it will be better for future mods. Am I correct or an idiot?
Even with the blower, running dual pipes in that diameter, you'd see some pretty drastic bottom end loss.

Nate quoted me $400 for 3" stainless mandrel bent, custom fabbed and fitted (and hung, w/fabbed hangers) for my son's Eagle Talon, coming off the header, all the way to the back. This didn't count us providing the muffler or cat. Figure another $100-150 for a dual setup.

I'll do a 3" system later on myself.
It's a great place to start, no doubt, and you won't realize complete gains with other mods until the system is totally freed up.

I'm going to run a 3" high-flow cat, and do 3" from the header back, into a 3" 3-chamber Flowmaster. That's the plan, anyway.
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