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Missing Mesh Sreen in Front Facia

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For those of us who have taken delivery of our Ion Redlines, I thought I would share something strange. In this web site under most popular images charlie has a pic of a promotional shot of the front end of our cars. Notice the mesh screen in the facia? Not only did I find the pic here but in the Ion Redline Sales guide that the salesman get. I had read somewhere that the mesh screen would not be on the production car. When I ordered mine, I asked the salesperson about the screen and was told that the car would come w/some kind of mesh; like the Vue has. At my insistance the salesmanager called the factory and was told that the car would not be shipping w/ any mesh screen in that area. The Salesman said that i realy didn't need it because it already had mesh screens over the air damns located in the lower front both sides......Right!. When the car finally arrived , I was a little upset. When I pointed out the plastic caps covereing the "Air Damn's" and no screen., he said that they probably had issues w/ air flow and keeping the temp down...Right! My concern is that there is no protection for the radiator. If an object is kicked up and thru that area (cracked and broken fog lamps) will Saturn be responsible?. If not and we buy mesh to cover it up will it adversley effect the performance and our warranty?
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Mesh screen is an option on the RL
I just remember seeing it on the Saturn order sheet, way back when they first went into production.

It might have changed and is no longer avail. Personally it was plastic it for $10-$20 to cut and install your own metal mesh, I'd go route b
true, but not plastic, just looks cheap.

There's many ways to attach.

bend mesh over top and underneath and screw (not my favorite)

piano wire through holes in kit (not sure if RL has those)

What aftermarket kits do, take entire front facia off and cut and bend grill mesh over and fiberglass it on the inside parts of the facia. This is the cleanest factory look, but takes the longest.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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