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I currently own a 02 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with a few cosmetic mods. I belong to a Grand Prix internet club and there are many performance mods for both the GT and the supercharged GTP.

I first became interested in the R/L when I found out it has a S/C and an intercooler. But after being on this forum for awhile I realize there are not alot of mods avaiable for the R/L. :(

What mods are actually out there and what mods will be out within the next year?

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there are not alot of mods available for the r/l but it comes stock set up great, there will be some tweaks coming though,
well-fare mods are common. LOL I know this next year will be filled w/mods. Thank god!
I owned a ford focus a year and a half before there was anything available even Tail lights. give it time. There are tails in the make, healights, clear corners, differnt suspension setups like coilovers sway bars, hoods and so on. Give it time. Most of hte engine parts will come out about the same time the Cobalt SS hits the roads.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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