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hello the RL has been out for three months
the srt has been around for many years
this is why you get more response from srt owners there are more of them out there hhhhhhellooooooooo.
i have an RL and consider it a very good contender in the ricer catagory. and a good thing its not a rice car. All American with a capital A. this means parts will be cheap when they are available. i know i've owned Audi's and VW's as well as American cars and i keep them for up to 15 years, and parts for foreign cars are deadly. EX; $250 brake master cly (Audi) $125 for American car. do the math for a ten year period. maintaining you cars is still cheaper then buying new every 4-5 years. unless you pay someone to do your work. then it will approach the new car cost.
good luck, the decision is up to you. ;) ;) ;) ;)
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