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More weird noises from the RL

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I've had nothing but bad luck with this car, and now I have almost everything sorted out. After I've replaced everything in the engine bay. Since I bought the car about a year ago it has made this weird sound from near the valve cover area. but it only does it for about 50 miles and then go away for a few thousand miles I'm sure it's minor just rather concerning. it's easiest to hear in the driver's seat at idle and the noise doesn't change speed with the engine. it's rather faint in this video but maybe someone has experienced something similar. Any help is appreciated.
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sounds like pulsating - like fades in and out right ? Do you have any other problems associated with the noise? Can you hear it with the hood open in idle ?

I would clean the throttle body and check the hoses and other attachments in the area. Check the plastic covers and valve cover - tighten the nuts etc. clean the area as much as you can while checking the area for loose parts etc. Also check vacuum hoses and confirm that they are firm and in good direction/order.. Any thing in the area could contribute to the sounds .. Good luck
Can you listen with a screw driver or stethoscope near the pulleys or mounts? Is the AC on? Will the noise go away if you remove the belt? That鈥檚 these are a few things I鈥檇 try when diagnosing a noise like that.
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