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My electric blue 04 Redline

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I finally tossed my weakling 99 SC1 in the trash, and got my hands on an 04 Redline. I still have a perma grin from the test drive. This thing means business. I can't wait until shocked ricers stop and ask me what it is and what's under the hood. Hehe.. I will post pics of both but right now they are too big, must be shrunk.
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congrats dude and have fun.......the safeway.
Congrats man!!!

It's even more fun to tell the ricers that it's stock. :D
Join the happy crowd and I know what you mean about that grin. :)
You still can't get the smile of my face!! And its been over 4 months :D If you look closely you can see the other thing that puts a smile on my face. Orion alpine and boston acoustics is how I spell music...............peace.............


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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