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My new Black Mesh Grill

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here are a few pics of my black mesh grill. Check it out, im lovin it!

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I got the small diamond mesh pattern from but am digging how the large diamond pattern looks. I may have to buy one to replace mine. :)
Im still trying to figure out what would look best on my silver RL.
LoungeLizard said:
Im still trying to figure out what would look best on my silver RL.

Black Paint?
im guessing silver would probably look best on silver, but a black grill would work too.

thanks guys, he told me im the first guy to buy the xxl flat grill from him for any car...or so thats how i took it. so thats pretty sweet.
How is the fit?
it fits just fine, he does a good job of cutting it
Im thinking of getting the stainless steel one. I will post pics if I do.
I have a silver mesh grill. If you wanna check it out i have the pics posted in another thread. The black is lookin good tho bro!

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^^ that looks awesome. what did you use on the side vents? and what mesh is that? that doesnt look like the vue redline mesh...
Yes the middle is vue redline mesh that i painted and clearcoated. The side vents are the stock plastic. We just painted over them. Nobody even notices that it isnt mesh, looks like i fooled you guys too. :D
when you painted the side vents did you do any masking of any area? sorry for buggin you, but that just looks so freakin sweet!
Its all one piece that u take off from behind the front facia. You can take it inside and paint it!! I used a little brush and painted every little piece... :D
^^ thanks for the info man. i was wonderin if you sprayed the outsides, but it looked like you didnt. im gunna have to attempt this when the weather gets nice. thanks again!
So you painted each and every little crevace?

Man that must've taken a while.
I'd have just painted them silver first, them masked them and used a razor to cut each diamond out, then paint it black again, and remove the masking.

But maybe it was easier your way. :D:D:D:D
I have a nice stainless steel grill for my baby. It's actually a modified Vue grill. It fits quite nicely, I think. :D See?
I painted the fake side vents with a silver sharpie. It looks real. I only painted the black mesh parts, not the crevices.
What I don't get is why folks haven't removed those brake duct vent covers like I have - the big ones to each side of the center opening? My son and I took the entire backing piece off that has the inside lip trim for the center opening, plus the outside (big holes) atached - I cut off the outside hole covers, retaining the center inside trim - looked ugly without it - all three holes are now wide open, and I'll probably cover all three with aluminum mesh.

You can never have enough air coming into the radiator, lower engine, and brake areas...
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