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My radio started freakin' out today.....

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I have the 6 CD in dash.

Today I was detailing the inside of my car and had the ingnition turned on and was listening to the radio. All of a sudden, the station starts to change on me. So I change it back and it does it again. So I try to listen to a CD and it starts changing tracks in the middle of songs.

So I'm like WTF?????

It did it for a long time. Then I started up the engine and listened for a long time with the car running and it did not do it again. Kinda weird.

Anyone have theirs do anything like this? :confused:
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Hmmm, were you drinking at the time?
Nope. Haven't had a drink in about a month.
you must have gotten the optional Poultergeist. I didn't want that option when I ordered mine. :)
At least you didn't get the optional in dash DVD player because I hear the little girl from The Ring comes out of it.
OK smart asses. ;)

I'm not BS'n yall here. The shit just started changin' on its own today. :confused:
I had a problem with my CD changer, a CD got stuck in it and it just said error. There was a TSB for it and all they did was take the fuse out for like 30 minutes and then put it back in. Not sure what 30 minutes had to do with it, but it worked and i was soon listening to my CD again. Hasn't happened since.
My volume went up and down about 3 times without me touching was kinda freaky you saw the little blocks move without doing anything....and my fiance was with me and saw it to.
I pushed my Tone button to change the bass settings and it went into another FM setting, like FM1 or FM 2. No matter what I did, all of my presets were gone. Then 2 minutes later I tried again and the were back??????? :confused:
It's not unusual for some stereos to have little electrical gremlins messing around with them. I used to have a 2002 Firebird and the little display on that would consistently freak out and display all sorts of wierd numbers, but not change settings & such . . . that's bizarre. Oh well though, let it ride. If it doesn't do it any more, don't worry about it.
my dad had an old GMC truck with the old kinda radio dial and it used to change stations overnight
I actually had my radio stay on after my car was turned off and my door was opened. I shut my door STILL ON It finally shut off heh laughed it off.
I had a similar problem with my radio except the volume would go really low and then come up really loud it only happened once and my girlfriend was freaking out.
I had this happen once (I think) with the volume about a week after I got my RL. Just dropped to about half the volume I had it set for and stayed there. Haven't had it happen in the five weeks or so since then.

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