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My redline pics! Video working link!!!!!!!!!

some pics of my redline along with my bro in his 05 SER he has intake, exhaust. And im still faster!!! :D "except from a stop" :eek: Im a rookie at stick :eek:

No flaming on my system :p Im upgrading soon either to those new alpine subs or some W7's not sure yet with a better amp still waiting for crutchfield to write me back with specs!!!!! (SPL etc)

o any way here they are.... There is a video also

ftp://[email protected]/DSC00425.JPG
ftp://[email protected]/DSC00489.JPG
ftp://[email protected]/jdfdjs33.jpg
ftp://[email protected]/DSC00464.JPG
ftp://[email protected]/DSC00416.JPG
ftp://[email protected]/DSC00417.JPG
ftp://[email protected]/DSC00412.JPG
ftp://[email protected]/DSC00428.JPG

password is: batman21

I have a video just wont work on net for some reason

here is video:
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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