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Does anyone know the steps to replace the front drivers side axle on a 2005 ION?

I think I have to:

Loosen the spindle nut
Take the wheel off
Remove the brake caliper
Seperate the tie rod from the sttering knuckle
Swing the knuckle out of the way and then pry the axle out

Not sure if there is anything that I am missing. I have heard that I need to drain the tranny, but I have also heard that I don't. Also heard that I have to replace seals if I take the axle out.

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Leave the tie rod end alone.

apply parking brake.
raise and support vehicle properly.
remove left front wheel.
remove axle nut.
tap on axle end to release it from any corrosion.
remove caliper and hang from strut.
i find it easier to also remove the caliper bracket and rotor.
unclip ABS sensor.
loosen strut to knuckle bolts.
turn RF wheel so that the LF tie rod end extends fully
remove strut to knuckle bolts and pull cv axle from hub.
remove axle from diff.

you should replace the seal while you're in there and drain and replace the fluid. nothing like having to do the job twice because you were trying to save yourself a few bucks and a few minutes.
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