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New here! Future Redline owner too!

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Hello everyone. I'm Anthony, I'm restoring a 1973 Buick GS455 w/ my dad(muscle-car). I am 13 on April 1st, and know sooooo much about cars.
I am thinking about getting a used ION Redline for my daily driver when I turn 16. It's either a Redline or some other muscle car. What do you guys think?

Thanks everyone. :)

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Agreed you will end up in a totaly differnt car long before the time comes. Nice to see youth with a goal hell at 13 all I wanted was anything that was self powered car, truck, sled, bike or whatever so I didnt have to pedal/walk. Have fun with that project car.
i see the top lip of yours curled up too. It took about 2 mins to melt in the pod and about and hour to run all the lines and wires for the gauges. Pretty Easy if you ask me.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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