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New Intake Summary

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I am having trouble finding all the different threads that i have chimed in on about intakes for the RL.

And to the best of my knowledge we have the following options

K&N CAI = no release date, a few mystical photos of a guy wearing a k&n t-shirt and holding a pipe.

AEM Short RAM = no release date

SCdyne = Claimed batch of intakes (not much knowledge this was discussed before my time on this forum)

Vita CAI = All development i heard of stopped when AEM and K&N cockteased us into thinking there was actually going to be physical parts on the market.

Psi-guys spoke of leaving our stock set-up and finessing it to be more effiecient. ( i am very interested in this one, probally low cost solution that would get us similar gains)

Barry Hershey ect Mod = Chopped or Removed stock air box with higher air flow filter in place of stock filter (super charger whine sounds good)

Please add or comment on my summary, I am just trying to bring the five or six different threads on this subject together in one location. Mainly to have one thread to check back and watch waiting for updates on all intakes.
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MotorMouth said:

California Air Recources Board

California's air police.
Lol evil little guys arent they :D
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