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New Ion Red Line Commercial I've Got It

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Who can host?
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i want to see this someone host quickly
Barry said:
Who can host?
I can! Email it to me: [email protected]
I can send it to me also
Lemme try again later
crap crap crap
that commercial is awsome def the best redline commercial yet
If you don't get video (like me), you need to install the DivX plugin.

(woulda worked fine under linux)
Thanks, bbrazil. I had the same problem no video :confused: . I just came back here to ask what plugin I needed to get the video. but you solved all my problems :)
(linux is better, someday I'll make the move)
Secondary host site if the other one quits working. :p

You MUST do "save target as" or else it won't work .. for some reason. I don't know why. Or at least it doesn't on my end unless I actually download it.
I just saw the ad, I like it. I wonder what the BMW people are saying about it? :rolleyes: ;)
Thank's Violakat and bBrazil. Barry. BTW I also have the Vue Red Line commercial if you guys are interested. Let me know.
Send it, send it! :D I'll host it too. Where the heck are you getting these, and do you have any others?? Anything that's not listed on's Commercials page, I want!!
Unclesmitty, I forgot to thank you as well. The reason I sent them to you all was a just in case thing.....OK Violakat here comes the Vue Red Line ad.
Most impressive commercial. Soon I will order the 2005 Redline with the competition package. I can't Wait!

The Red Line VUE ad is hosted at the above link. :)
That's pretty funny, although I can see mid-life crisis drivers everywhere homing in on me in traffic now!

1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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