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New IRL Owner in Oklahoma

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I know there isn't a ton of traffic in the forums anymore, but I prefer this to FB groups. I picked up my first IRL, '05 with a KO4 swap using lots of ZZP parts, all I've had to do is swap the stock radio for my prefered head unit, and added single 12" sub with 1,000w RMS amp. Otherwise it will likely stay as is since it'll be my DD. 3 days after getting the IRL I found a Cobalt SS for cheap locally and bought it, sadly it was in way worse shape than I realized in my quick view over lunch. It is way rougher than I thought and will need a ton of work to make it drivable.

A couple of other things about me, I live in NC Oklahoma on 40 acres with a 3,500 ft^2 shop. I work in the oil industry and that allows me some extra funds to play with cars and trucks. I have too many vehicles but plenty of space so I live with it, and my wife doesn't mind too much, I currently have 12 vehicles including a ZX2 SR, 4 Chevy trucks, '99 Viper GTS, and '66 Cobra replica with a 7.3L "Godzilla" swap I did last year, a few of the more often driven ones have identical stereo's in them just for ease of use.

Here is the IRL and Cobalt SS:
Wheel Tire Sky Car Vehicle

Then for those who might like to see I'll include the Viper and Cobra too, obviously I'm not too brand loyal, but like GM the most:
Tire Wheel Cloud Car Land vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Cloud

That's all for now, I look forward to learning more and interacting with the community.

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Delayed, but welcome and damn everything is so shiny , that viper is top notch!
Thank you Blk06CompIRL, I assure you most of the time my stuff isn't shiny, living on down a gravel road is tough. I do love the Viper, even drove it a couple hundred miles this weekend and really enjoyed my time behind the wheel.

Oof does the community cringe when they see the viper or cobra driving down a gravel road? Hell I'd drive them all the time if i could. I am a firm believer of enjoy what you have as it wasn't made to sit in a garage or on a shelf. The redline isn't as special of a car as others out there but i have had mine since new in 2006, have over 260k miles on it and i still love driving it. It looks a bit beat and winters in NJ have rusted her up a bit , but I'll drive her until she rots out and falls apart lol
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