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New kid

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Hello everyone, im new to this forum but ive been following it for months. Its redlly cool that theres ppl that love this car as much as i do. This is my third saturn and ive loved every single one, i had a 98 SL2 and an Ion3 Qc before the redline. The rest of my family own saturns also were kinda like a chevy family but with saturns of course ;) . My father And 2 older bros have redlines and my mom has a normal ion 3 with the bodykit. Ill have to post some pics of all the cars some time. Well just thought id finally join up and say hey!
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You must be one of Barry's boys. I saw some pics on the other Saturn board, which one is yours? How does it ride lowered?
Well Well Well, look who it is! :D Welcome!
yep im the youngest out of the family, i own the sleek black one :D .I know ppl have said that it would ride like crap with the sprints in there but it really doesnt. I had my ion before this one lowered and i think that the ride is equal to that, if not better. makes it look sooooo much better that way also.
another local boy. Id love to get all these things together and get a few pics.
Where are you from goffy guy??? If ur in the springhill area we should all get together and get some pics. I havnt seen any other redlines except for my familys around here, it owuld be cool to see some more.
yeah bought mine from sully/scooter a few weeks ago I live in pasco and work at the racetrac on 50 in springhill. Whos has the supercharged decals. I have them on the way those are nice . . . so I bought em. But yeah Id like to see all the colors together I have a silver one with a header on the way.
Im thinkin about buyin that header too. I have the lowered black one with the interior trim and supercharged emblems. I work at the walmart on 50, i always park in the back of the lot so u cant miss it. We gotta go to the track man i think me and all the other saturn guys are goin in december.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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