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New program is that shit!

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Well i got the new OBD2 update done and driving around i noticed a difference, so today i deside to go and dyno after seeing a Cobalt pull a 217hp fwhp run. well i get to the dyno they really didnt know how to tap into my rpm tach output but after one hour they began to wonder if the connector even worked so they tried it out on their integra and low and behold the connector doesnt read the signal. they say they can pull it anyways and since i waited so long they are going to do it for free. the only down side is you dont get a torque or rpm reading. so in 3rd gear from 50ish mph they pull all the way to redline about 94mph. the outcome 217.12hp and the second pull 212.53 hell yea. the graph is in the Photo gallery the fill is too large.
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Cool, nice numbers :D
I've got a question for you. I have a theory - have you checked to see if your intercooler water pump (or whatever it's called) is hooked up right? I know some people have had them hooked up backwards (from the factory), and i'm wondering if that's why you dyno'd at 5hp less on the second run - or if it was just plain because it was hot. This is just an idea that i had, but it could explain why you lost the 5hp if the pump isn't moving the coolant around like it should be.
my intercooler is hooked up but they had a very tiny fan in front to cool it.
Blackline, last update I received when I got the campshaft sensor campaign they gave me an OBD software update the number was campaign #05514001 is this the same one you got?
thats the one!
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