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New RL owner

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Just picked mine up tonight, car is (Silver). I love the recaro seats. Got a bomb deal (I think). 2004 leftover w/15 miles on it. Got it for $15,425+tax
thanks to the NY autoshow discount and saturn money assistance. Anyway hello to e-body. :)
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yo man congrads, i am gonna take a guess and say u might be from NY, if so where. Good deal on the RL start reading the fourm and u will find alot of great info, and if u cant find it ask it.
That's a damn good deal for the amount of car you get. You'll love every minute of driving it.
Fine deal, now take the $5,000 you saved off the sticker and make it a monster. Welcome...
Great deal, hope I get one.

Awesome deal, especially considering when I got mine in August the dealer cost was somthing like 18K, and I ended up paying 19.5K for it (Before Finance and Intrest)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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