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hahaha yea I know I need to wash her I think thats in store for tomorrow :) but thanks for the comments, yea are wheels are pretty awesome but I already had the wheel cover so I just put it on just for the hell of it wanted to see how it would feel. Just so you know its comin off heh. I might actually get the matching wheel cover to the mats. I'm lookin into a shift boot and nob but I'm now sure how thats gonna work with that reverse lever heh. Any input on that let me know! Also tonight while I was out cruising I stopped at my local best buy to look for something and the kid I talked to in the audio department DOES FIBERGLASS WORK!!! So we talked and I'm lookin to get him to make me a guage pod my special design ;) haha I'll let you know about that later. I gotta save me up some money for that!
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