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brk_05 said:
I had a great time in the 75 degree weather here in pittsburgh this past weekend. Amazing how much better everything feels when its warm out. I was cruising the turnpike at about 85 most of the time and it handled great at that speed. On a couple of straight aways I got it up to 120. Definitely the fastest ive ever driven.

Last week, the hesitation in 2nd was getting really bad. I made an appointment to have it looked at today. Ive been at the dealership twice in the past month and every time ive been there, ive asked them about the recalls. they always looked up my VIN and said it didnt need it. As soon as they look up my car today, the service manager says to me "did you know your car is due for two recalls?" I was a little annoyed to say the least. I said, "I've told you guys that the past two times i was in." He seemed surprised when I told him i knew it was the ECU update and the cam sensor. I told him how amazing the internet is now a days.

Well after sitting around for 3 hours, it was finally done. Wow, what a difference. Definitely feels like a lot more power with those two updates. Got it done just in time to enjoy the summer weather.
Yup, just had mine done, too. Sooooooo much better. My dealership did the campaigns automatically. Thank God!
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