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NJ meet?

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Hey guys, I haven't had my redline for too long so im not sure of any meets anywhere in the new jersey area, im from north but would come down south to hang out. Anyone know of any info on these?? Thanks...
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If you come down to PA there is always a meet on thursdays, its
There are meets every Friday at the Fuddruckers in Turnersville, NJ. Depending on how far north you are, then it could be quite a hike. Also, I organized a dyno day in Moorestown, NJ on May 20th at 1 PM. Check out my thread "South Jersey Dyno Day" in the performance mod section.
I live right outside of Princeton but would be willing to drive a little ways for a the way, where the hell is Turnersville?
It's in Washington Township. The Fudds is right off route 42.
I would love to drive up there for the Dyno day, too bad its on a Friday.
guess nothing is too local for me....maybe ill have to make some trips, but i get out of work at 6, so it would be tough to make it anywhere on time
lou the TriState meets don't start till about 8 :)
i go to west chester, not too far from jersey.....not there right now, but im always up for a drive.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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