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Now a redline owner :)

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I got my redline last weekend and its been the best ride to work in a while. (when im not in traffic getting beat up in first gear) Mine is an 04 new, and blue! Im taking it up to the dealer this saturday for some more apolstry conditioning stuff, and to get my silent horn fixed. I read that there was an ECU update for the 04? Fixing the bronco effect and changes air fuel ratio. Is that true or should I save my breath? Anyway, redlines rule and i cant wait for a honda with air and exhaust to line me up.

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Welcome to the HIGH AND MIGHTY RL CLUB. You have joined the few the proud and the very fast. Yes there is a ECU upgrade the kills that surge in speed and gives you that hard steady pull. Congrants on the new car man!

You need to register your car on my web site!
Congrats on the new RL & blue is a great color. Do the ECU upgrade, it works. WARNING!! Driving it will be addictive.
Congrats on your Redline,it is a very fun car.The good thing is you get to say"hey its only a saturn"I know when I drive down my street I get some looks.Good luck on your purchase.
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