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Nurburgring Decal on RL

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I'll post some pics soon, I just got my decal to put on the back of my Redline. Its a clear decal with a white outline of the Nurburgring Track in germany ( where the Redline was tested) with the text "nurburgring" in the center. I thought it was cool and it shows our cars were tested there!


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how big is it? cuz I think that's pretty cool. but maybe like 2 inches tops, something discreet, nothing like "whole rear window"
Ya its small 2" x 3" which is cool. Im putting it on the bottom of the trunk lid on the right side, opposiete of the redline/ION logo.
I think it'd be cool if it said "Nurburgring Tested" or "Nurburgring Approved" lol, but that is a pretty interesting sticker.
I'm going to HAVE to agree with our T/A boy here, that would be high-speed if it said something to the tune of that. Awesome suggestion.

I can go for that,back window or right rear sounds good.
That'd be a pretty sweet decal to put on here. Hopefully it can be a plastic one that's easy to peel on and off? I'd buy one either way. Good suggestion on the 'Nurburgring Approved' or something along that.
So is this sticker a go or what, I like it. :D
I like that sticker....I was talking to my buddy about it and he suggested putting it on the passenger side dash (since well...there isn't anything there to speak of). I thought about that and then started to picture a sort of light silver grey color ontop of our plain black dash. I don't think it would look to bad. Granted, the bigger it got, the uglier it'd be, but something small and somewhat descriet might work. Just another suggestion.
How did I find this sticker? I was flipping thru "Automobile Magazine" and I was reading an article on the Land Rover Range Rover SPORT, its Supercharged, and there were some photos and it showd a picture of the rear trunklid and it had this sticker next to the supercharged emblem of the Nurburgrig Race Track. I was like thats pretty cool I want one for my Redline since it was tested there. I searched the internet and foud some on E-bay for 10.00.
You can get them in Blue, Black, Red or White OUTLINE with the text in the center. The decal is clear so you only see the outline of the track and also the text in the center, and the color of your car will show thru so its pretty sweet. I got White outline so it will show on my Black RL. It would be cool if it had Nurburgrig Tested in the center instead of just Nurburgrig.
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