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Okay guys... so there's a meet being put together on the Shortbus for the 25th of April and I forgot to post it on here before now. Here's the details of it.

o unless there is an overwhelming objection to this.....

for this one skyler and i were talking about a meet, not a cruise
we can do a cruise another time or after the fact, but just to have a good time and get people together...lets start with a meet.

so, unless there is an overwhelming objection

everyone be at saltwater state park in federal way, on sunday april 25th ath 12 noon. we will do a BBQ - potluck style so list what you are bringing...try to cover the main stuff if you KNOW you are going...that way we can at least eat. bring your car all pretty and expect pics to be taken and someone to tell you how to park that way they look nice...cause i dont know about you guys, but i like using these for desktops and what not

if we want, we can cruise from there to the place in skylers pics for some awesome photos

any objections?

Google Maps

we will be meeting pretty much exactly where the "A" is located, so if you go into the park, when you get to the bottom of the hill take a left, go right under the bridge and there is a covered area, park there BACK IN PLEASE EVEN WITH THE OTHER CARS

if that is taken when we get there we will improvise, but it will get taken care of

the reason to meet back there instead of by the water at the park is because its easier to find uninterupted parking.

ill start

nighthawk (tom) +1 - bringing all the stuff needed for eating & BBQing (tongs, spatula, plates, silverwear, lighter fluid, coals...etc) and probly some hot dogs and buns....

who else????

i will try to keep this first post updated

If you're on the shortbus already, go and post in the PNW section. If you're not there, or don't want to register on there, just post on here, and I'll keep everything updated over there.

So far we've got the following being brought:

All the stuff needed for eating & BBQing (tongs, spatula, plates, silverwear, lighter fluid, coals) and possibly some hot dogs and buns
Beef (Hamburgers)

Just keep in mind that alcohol isn't allowed in the park (I'm sad, you can do this in Texas but not here?! The horror, the horror!)
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