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OBD2 readiness checks

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I've been trying to get my car to pass these checks for 2 weeks now. The 2 that are failing are for the catalyst and the o2 heater.

What can I check for the heater readiness monitor? I have hptuners but everything seems to be measuring correctly. The car is starting in closed loop, which I thought meant the o2 sensors were working.
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So I've been messing with this today. I replaced the downstream O2 sensor because it was the one not ready. Anyone know a trick to ready this one?
I think it has to be at operating temp?
I imagine by now the car has been driven enough to ready it's self? Typically depending on the code it requires a couple drives cycles and making sure to hit operating temp and then be left off for a few hours to cool back down. Were you setting any DTC?
I know on Chryslers, they have to be at operating temperature (ECT >158 deg, catalyst >1112 deg) then steady driving between 25-50 mph for at least 2 minutes continuous.
The drive cycles didn't set it after 600 miles. I tried the whole cycle with the startup idle with AC and defroster on.
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