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Oil Filter Question

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I'm coming up on my first oil change for my new RL and I'm wondering if anyone has a link to the mechanic's manual or something because I can't seem to find the oil filter. With what mobile-1 oil changes (7qts) cost at the dealership I'm only too happy to do it myself.

One of my co-workers has a blue '04 RL and he hasn't been able to find the thing either. Any pointers?
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Yep, that's where it is.

Be sure to remove that bracket holding the plastic filler neck on the very front of the engine. It makes it easier to get your hands under there to remove and replace the filter.

There is also an electrical connector you'll have to unplug to get the socket on the the filter cap. You'll need a long extension for this.

I've been using a 1 and 1/4" socket on it and it works, but I guess I should get a 32mm to keep from stripping out the plastic nut on top?
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